Q&A with technology expert – Paul Bishop

Paul bishop chief technology officer

Paul Bishop joins Reframe to lead the strategy and delivery of our technology plans. He is a great addition to our senior team, bringing with him a heap of experience in supply chains, health systems and software development and networks for companies like Dunlop Sports, Bupa, The Walt Disney Company and Equinix.

While Paul might be a nerd (his wording, not ours), he’s not your typical IT guy. Grab a cuppa and get to know him.

Why did you join Reframe?

Reframe is doing something very different – challenging the status quo for the benefit of everyone. They recognise the limitations of our current healthcare system and have made it their mission to revolutionise how people experience healthcare. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so innovative? It allows me to be creative, solve problems and apply my knowledge on technology and health systems.

What excited you about Reframe's 5-year plan?

Namely, the opportunity to help answer fundamental questions about healthcare. An aging population, increased illnesses, an excess of demand over supply, limited access and rising costs create huge and unsustainable pressure on the healthcare system.

Technology has a significant role to play in helping to answer these questions. I can see the big technology players making their contribution, and we can also see a large number of technology start-ups coming to the market within the areas of artificial intelligence (AI),  machine learning (ML), integration and industry standards, mobile devices that can monitor health and fitness, as well as apps that support behaviour and access. 

We have our part to play connecting these diverse emerging streams on behalf of the customer.

What is the next tech step for Reframe?

In short, continuing to improve and extend our service platform. The vision for our platform is to provide people with simple and real-time access to resources that are needed, when they are needed. My priority is building the foundations which include 4 fundamental components:

  1. Dynamic service configuration
  2. Eco system orchestration
  3. Organic pathways
  4. Integration suite

How important is the customer in our technology plans?

Customer experience is at the centre of our plans. We are developing our service platform and its technologies to give people what they need, when they need it in real time. Our vision of the future places people at the centre of their care - supported by leading technologies.

By improving efficiencies and connectivity, we will transform how people experience healthcare and enable our support team to spend more time providing human support to clients.

What are the over-discussed tech trends that we should move on from?

As a tech nerd, I don’t think things are ever over-discussed. Trends are sometimes oversold or poorly understood so we need to be precise and prepared to challenge when we meet new ideas and innovations.

What has been the most drastic change or innovation you have seen throughout your career?

Having worked in technology from a very early stage, starting as a CICS/DOS operator on IBM 4341 managing oil rigs in the North Sea, I have seen lots of big changes. Some of the changes that have been notable include:

  • the advent of the PC
  • the development of networks
  • the internet
  • mobile phones
  • cloud computing
  • the IOT
  • and now the development of ML and AI

I never cease to be amazed by the scale and power of the advancements taking place in this field.

Quick fire questions

What is your favourite book or podcast? 

To Kill a Mockingbird and Don Quixote.

What were you doing before your tech career? 

I was a professional footballer – a long time ago! No. 7 for La Forestoise, Brussels.

What is the most critical technology today? 

Network technologies.

Why did you study oceanography?

Oceans are mesmerising! I wanted to apply my tech background to something I love and help with the current climate change crisis.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m fluent in French and am currently learning Mandarin.

Keep an eye out for our next Q&A with Paul as we delve into his insights and get his take on health tech.


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